Nonfat milk makes a staple, healthy beverage even healthier! Choosing this option is a great idea, and finding where to buy it in Pennsylvania is simple. Check out our website to find Clover Farms brand nonfat milk at a retailer near you!

The Choice of Nonfat Milk

Where to Buy Nonfat Milk in PennsylvaniaMilk is an essential part of a healthy diet. From milk come protein, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for life. Nonfat milk makes a healthy choice even healthier since you get all the nutrients without the saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories found in whole and low-fat milk options.

Every Protein Building Amino Acid in One Source

Milk, even nonfat milk, is a great source of protein. Every amino acid, the building blocks of protein, is found within milk. Since the body can’t produce amino acids, a healthy diet is the source for these essential elements. By consuming nonfat milk, you get a lean source of protein building materials. Sufficient protein also promotes circulation, immunity, and a healthy hormone balance.

Excellent Source of Required Vitamins

Clover Farms milk is enriched with Vitamins A and D – even our nonfat milk line. The benefits of these vitamins are many. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption, improves heart health, and reduces the likelihood of developing Type II diabetes while Vitamin A is beneficial to both the sense of sight and healthy skin. Other vitamins found within milk include riboflavin, B12, thiamin, niacin, and folate. With nonfat milk, the health-conscious gain vitamins without calories and fat.

One particular benefit of calcium is weight management. By including calcium in your diet plan, you can prevent metabolism from cratering even during calorie restrictive dieting. Drinking milk is the best way to reap this benefit because of the coordinated effect of calcium in combination with the whey protein found in milk, and drinking nonfat milk allows you to keep your calorie and fat intake low as well.

Key Minerals Abound in Nonfat Milk

Nonfat milk contains more phosphorous and calcium than whole milk! These minerals promote the growth and strength of bones and teeth, and you can gain a minimum of ¼ of the suggested daily intake from one 8 oz serving. Potassium, magnesium, and zinc are readily available by milk consumption as well.

Clover Farms Milk Product Line

Nonfat Skim/Slim Milk – Slim to no fat, cholesterol, or calories; 0.05% butter fat content; full of vitamins and minerals common to milk

1% Low Fat Trim Milk – Very little fat, calories, and cholesterol; 1% butter fat content

2% Reduced Fat Jog Milk – lower in fat and calories than whole milk but still has the creaminess of milk; 2% butter fat content

Vitamin D Whole Milk – Vitamin A and Vitamin D incorporated into the product; creamy and rich; 3.25% butter fat content

Chocolate Milk – balanced formula of whole milk and chocolate for an ideal chocolate treat

Clover Farms products allow you to stock a full line of milk products in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints. From schools to grocery shelves, stores and organizations find that our milk is healthy and great tasting. You can stock Clover Farms milk under our well-respected brand or as a product within your own store brand catalog.

Clover Farms can help your grocery store or convenience shop become the place where locals go to buy nonfat milk in Pennsylvania. We have the partnering dairies, dedicated transportation fleet, and every other element needed to produce safe and superior milk. If you’d like to make a purchase under our brand or your own, call today to get the ball rolling: (610) 921-9111.