clover farms and dairy

All Your Dairy Needs And More

When you’re ready for something special, consider the incomparable tastes and freshness of these dairy products from Clover Farms.

Our tradition of quality, freshness and flavor is embodied in every milk, cream, tea, juice, or other fluid product we produce, package or deliver.

Every one of our 170 farm families work hard to produce the best milk available, enabling us to supply you with these top-tier quality dairy products.

Dairy farming has come a long way since the days of a stool and a bucket. We invite you to see and taste the difference!

farm and dairy products

Egg Nog – Clover Farms Egg Nog is made from the highest quality ingredients and a carefully formulated recipe that hasn’t changed in over 40 years. Once you taste the rich and creamy flavor, you’ll understand why it has become a favorite holiday tradition. Grade A. Non-alcoholic.

Buttermilk – Creamy, smooth and naturally cultured, Clover Farms Buttermilk is made from fresh cream. Whether drinking it as a source of calcium in your diet or using it to enrich your biscuits, pancakes or cornbread, we know you’ll appreciate its flavor and thickness. Grade A. Pasteurized.

Cottage Cheese – Clover Farms Cottage Cheese has a mild fresh flavor, great texture, and is chock-full of wholesome dairy nutrition. Enjoy its versatility by adding fruit to it or baking it into muffins, cakes or dinner rolls. We think you’ll agree it tastes great!

Half & Half Creamers – Clover Farms Half and Half Creamers are made of half whole milk and half cream. What’s not to like? Add a splash to your cup of coffee or your favorite recipes and indulge in farm-fresh flavor. Grade A. Pasteurized.

Non-Dairy Creamers – Lactose intolerant? Make your mornings a little bit sweeter with Clover Farms Non-Dairy Creamers. They provide quick, on-the-go flavor to prepare you for the day ahead.

Sour Cream – When you’re looking for farm to table freshness, Clover Farms Sour Cream will transform your everyday foods into gourmet delights.  The best sour cream starts with premium-quality milk from the happy, healthy cows on our family farms. You’ll love the rich, creamy taste!

Ultra Half and Half – Whether you’re topping off your morning coffee or looking to make a Dutch Apple pie to die for, Clover Farms Ultra Half and Half provides velvety smoothness in every sip. Our ultra-pasteurized process ensures exceptional taste and performance while extending the shelf life of the product. Grade A. Ultra-Pasteurized.

Ultra Heavy Cream – The best recipes require the finest ingredients, and Clover Farms Ultra Heavy Cream delivers more butterfat and more taste. Perfect for whipping and for many other culinary uses. Our ultra-pasteurized cream has a longer shelf life — up to 60 days, unopened. Grade A. Ultra-Pasteurized.

Ultra Light Cream – Clover Farms Ultra Light Cream is fresh, creamy and delicious, with an original classic taste that’s sure to enhance your morning coffee. Or add some extra richness (and less fat) to a dish of macaroni and cheese. Grade A. Ultra-Pasteurized.

Heavy Cream – Clover Farms Heavy Cream is 40% butterfat and is made with a special process to separate cream from milk, leaving the cream less injured than a normal process. This leads to better whipping, better keeping quality, and a cream that is better suited to manufacturing. Prized by chefs and food service professionals everywhere, fresh, exceptionally rich heavy cream doesn’t get any better than this! Grade A. Pasteurized.

Icy Pure Spring Water – A healthy lifestyle starts with spring water that is perfectly balanced with earth’s rich and natural minerals. Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of Clover Farms Icy Pure Spring Water, which comes from pristine underground wells and springs protected by thousands of mountainous acres right here in Pennsylvania.