Meadow mint tea is a classic Pennsylvania staple, and Clover Farms provides a way for your retail space to become the prime destination for enthusiasts wondering where they can buy it.

Where to Buy Meadow Mint Tea in Pennsylvania
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Meadow mint tea isn’t actually tea at all. It is delicious, fresh mint that is brewed and steeped into a tea, sweetened to taste, and served over ice. Known as an Amish refreshment, your customers will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the beverage without a journey to Lancaster County.

Clover Farms proudly serves Eastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia), New Jersey, New York City and Long Island, Maryland, and Delaware. Provide your customers the chance to take a beverage vacation in Lancaster County without leaving home!

Introducing Clover Farms

Founded in 1937 as a dairy farm in Reading, PA, Clover Farms is today the largest privately-owned dairy provider in the state, and we’ve extended our range of products beyond delicious, cold, antibiotic-free milk options to prepared tea, fruit juices, fruit drinks, spring water, and more. Icy mint meadow tea is one of our newest products, and we’re excited to introduce it!

Bring Meadow Mint Tea into Your Store or Your Product Line

Clover Farms is well known as a quality, tasty, and healthy brand, but we also supply private label services to other brands. If you’d like to add refreshing beverage products to your product line, we can make those arrangements through our private labeling services.

While we won’t take your recipe and make your products for you (co-packing), we will allow you to sell our products under your label, and with a product like meadow mint tea, you stand to profit from the area’s love for the refreshing beverage and the novelty associated with it!

Investing in the brainpower and equipment necessary to create and manufacture a new product line is expensive, but with our resources, you can reap the rewards without all the hassle and cost.

Refreshing and Unique Meadow Mint Tea

A special drink steeped from the wild growing mint, usually spearmint, commonly found in Pennsylvania, Meadow Mint Tea is popular in the area, and customers commonly travel to Amish country to purchase it. Turn your retail space into the next best alternative!

Meadow Mint Tea isn’t just sweet and tasty, though. It’s also caffeine-free, all-natural, and rife with healthful benefits. Tea brewed from spearmint is rich in Vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. You won’t find a healthier or more refreshing option for your summer afternoon refreshment.

Meadow Mint Tea is a popular home remedy, said to be useful in treating ailments like nausea, colds, digestive problems, headaches, indigestion, stress, arthritis, acne and dark skin spots, and compromised immunity.

Your customers will love Meadow Mint Tea for its taste, novelty, and health benefits and, whether you choose to stock with Clover Farms brand or employ our private label services, we’re happy to oblige. We can also meet your needs for cold milk products, fruit juices and drinks, icy tea, and spring water.

Enhance your retail space and your brand by offering Meadow Mint Tea to those who wonder where to buy this unique Pennsylvania beverage. Reach out to (610) 921-9111 to discuss purchasing Clover Farms brand Meadow Mint Tea or use our private label packaging services to make our tea your own.