Stocking the most popular milk brand in your store is what will make all the difference in the success of your business. Clover Farms can not only make that happen, but we can help you make your store’s brand a popular option with your customers.

The Clover Farms Brand Difference

What is the Most Popular Milk Brand?Clover Farms milk stands out as fresh and tasty. We rely on happy and healthy cows to produce great-tasting milk. While we started as simply a dairy farm 80-plus years ago, today we stand as the largest privately-owned dairy in Pennsylvania and partner with more than 170 local dairy families to produce sufficient milk to meet our customers’ needs.

We use equipment that is modern and standards that are rigorous and strict. Our milk has no artificial growth hormone rBST, is fortified with Vitamins A and D, and shipped cold to maintain the peak of freshness. We use strict quality checks to provide healthy and delicious milk to our customers.

The Clover Farms Line of Milk Products

Whole Milk from Clover Farms has a 3.25% butter fat enrichment and a creamy, full-flavored quality.

A lighter option, 2% Jog Milk, has fewer calories and less fat due to its 2% butter fat composition.

Still lighter, 1% Trim Milk is low-fat and low-calorie with substantially less cholesterol. This milk option still has 1% butter fat content with the creamy flavor you expect from a good glass of milk.

The healthiest option we offer, Skim/Slim Milk is nonfat. You can drink this option without guilt, knowing that it is light on calories, fat, and cholesterol with only 0.05% butter fat content.

Clover Farms Chocolate Milk is a fantastic blended balance of great chocolate flavor and our whole milk. Smooth and full-flavored, this chocolate milk will quickly become the favorite for the young person, athlete, or other chocolate milk lover in your household.

Our dairy products don’t end with milk. We also produce a range of quality dairy products. You will love the Clover Farms line of eggnog, buttermilk, cottage cheese, half and half, and heavy cream.

From dairy to juice and more, Clover Farms provides high quality, great-tasting beverages. We also produce and sell pre-bottled Icy Teas, 100% fruit juices, fruit drinks, and bottled water.

Any of these products will benefit your store or organization. Private label packaging allows your company to put your label on our products and stock them as your own. This service lets your company grow a brand without the cost involved with developing products.

Private label packaging lets your business enjoy excusive access to great products, go up against national brands and local competition, develop customer loyalty and awareness, and bring these products to market faster without allocating the money and time to the process. These benefits can have a substantial impact on your profitability, and they’d likely be impossible for small businesses without private label packaging services.

Whether you stock it as Clover Farms brand milk or your own, having the most popular milk brand in your community on your shelves is what will make the difference in your local reputation! Call our company at (610) 921-9111 to discuss how our milk or other products can reach your location fast and fresh under our brand or your own!