Lemonade is the perfect beverage. A lip-smacking balance of tangy and sweet, the tastiest lemonade brands will bring in customers and please your guests. Clover Farms has perfected our recipe and is prepared to deliver quickly and affordably.

Clover Farms’ History

Tastiest Lemonade BrandsClover Farms is the largest privately operated dairy in Pennsylvania. We began in 1937 as a small dairy operation, and in the time since, we’ve grown to work with more than 170 separate dairy farms in the area to produce enough milk to meet our daily obligations. We produce more than milk and dairy products too. Our catalog also includes a line of Icy Teas, fruit juices, fruit-flavored beverages, and bottled spring water. The safety and quality we demand of our brand is never diminished, and that’s why we continue to flourish.

Our services also extend to private-label packaging. We make it possible for small businesses to extend their reach, building a brand without having to build a factory, source ingredients, or research and create a recipe. Private label service offers all the benefits of brand development without the growing pains.

Restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and other buyers within Eastern Pennsylvania, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland can count on us to deliver fast, fresh, and high-quality beverage products.

Lemonade’s History

Lemonade’s story begins around 1630, the earliest a recipe can be found in a French cookbook. Around this time, lemonade become incredibly popular in Paris, and cups sold on the street became a common way to enjoy the beverage.

Commercially, the next big development in lemonade was carbonation. During the 1780s, Johann Schweppe developed a method that facilitated mass production using carbonation, and lemonade with a fizz became the beverage of choice in Europe.

Temperance caused the next surge in lemonade popularity. With the absence of alcohol, the tangy goodness of lemonade was rediscovered. Up to today, the perfect summer afternoon is often depicted as complete with the presence of fresh lemonade waiting on a sun-filled porch. With the fast-pace of modern life, most consumers prefer a ready-to-drink option like that offered in Clover Farms Icy Lemonade.

Currently, lemonade is a common choice by consumers in the grocery supermarket, restaurants, fairs, and more. Our Clover Farms Icy Lemonade is flavored naturally and sure to please a broad cross-section of your customers.

Private Label Services through Clover Farms

The private label packaging services that we offer here at Clover Farms can help small grocers, restaurants, and quick marts establish a brand and grow their footprint within the community. Being recognized as a brand all your own can inspire word of mouth traffic and repeat business.

Private label services mean that we produce our products and put your label on the bottle. You stock the goods as your own, and we retain ownership of the formula and production mechanisms. Our team can help you design your brand, choose packaging, and manage shipping. We even offer exclusive formulations if you want a recipe all your own to offer your customers.

Our Icy Teas, milks, and fruit-flavored drinks, including Icy Lemonade, are eligible for private labeling. If you’d like to become one of the tastiest lemonade brands around, call Clover Farms today at (610) 921-9111. Our commitment to quality, safety, and affordability will accompany your purchase.