Restaurants and grocers looking to stock, or become, the tastiest iced tea brand in the neighborhood should look to Clover Farms. Quality in every sip is our goal for every single beverage we produce. With our line of Icy Teas, every customer that comes your way will find a choice that merits a repeat purchase.

The Popularity of Tea

Tastiest Iced Tea BrandTea is a go-to beverage choice for many. It’s no wonder considering the health benefits of the drink accompanied by the refreshing taste. Take your tea however you like by choosing one of our Icy Tea options.

The health benefits of tea extend to various body systems including:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Cancer prevention
  • Bone health
  • Diabetes prevention
  • More

Deciding which products to offer your customers can be as simple as finding a refreshing, unique beverage that customers will remember and return to enjoy again and again. Our line of ready-to-drink Icy Teas brings variety, quality, and flavor to the forefront.

The Full Line of Prepared Icy Teas:

  • Original Lemon – made with all-natural black tea and filtered with charcoal. This option contains real sugar for 80 calories within each 8 oz serving, and it has 50% less caffeine than coffee.
  • Decaffeinated Lemon – made with natural decaf black tea
  • Peach Flavored – a twist on delicious black tea with an injection of peachy flavor for a unique and thirst-quenching result
  • Lemonade Flavored – tea and lemonade are perfectly combined in a drink that blends sweet and tangy perfectly
  • Green Tea – brewed from green tea rather than black, this beverage has a special flavor and numerous health benefits. Our version includes honey and ginseng for a delicious result.
  • Meadow Mint Tea – a traditional drink brewed from mint that grows wildly in the meadows of Pennsylvania, this drink has a flavor all its own. With no caffeine, a refreshing flavor, and a cultural appeal, this option will be a best seller.

The Quality of Clover Farms

Clover Farms brings quality to the table. We began as a private dairy in 1937. In fact, we stand today as the largest privately operated dairy in the state of Pennsylvania. Our product line has expanded as well as our reach. Now, we produce several non-milk dairy products as well as fruit-flavored beverages, fruit juices, bottled spring water, and Icy Tea products.

Extend That Quality to Your Company via Private Label Packaging

Once you’ve recognized that Clover Farms ready-made Icy Teas are the right products for your business, you’ll need to consider the benefits of creating a private label packaging service deal with Clover Farms.

Clover Farms Private Label Services

If you are considering getting into the market for ready-to-drink-tea, or adding to your current product line, consider Clover Farms’ private label packaging services.

We make it possible to open your own product line, building a brand with less time and expense. Everything is in place for production to begin. We’ll help create your logo and even an exclusive formulation if you’d like.

A private brand within your community will help drive sales, build a customer base, and increase your profits.

The tastiest iced tea awaits your order. Clover Farms brand is superior and can be privately labeled as well. Call (610) 921-9111 to establish a private label agreement or to determine which or all of the Icy Tea line you’d like to order.