Offering private label milk products on your store’s shelves adds legitimacy to your business and will help grow your customer base, but the expense of developing and manufacturing your own products can be limiting, prohibitively so. Clover Farms can function as private label milk manufacturers for our milk products and other lines of refreshing and wholesome beverages.

Private Label Milk ManufacturersThe special quality of Clover Farms milk products comes from a process of close monitoring and preparation. We follow best practices designed to perfect the taste, quality, and nutrition of our milk products, and the entire process begins with happy, healthy cows!

To produce quality, wholesome milk products, we partner with more than 170 dairy farm families. Our milk products are fortified with Vitamins A and D while being shipped cold for maximum freshness. Our high-quality standards include avoiding rBST and other artificial growth hormones, continuously monitoring for milk quality, and a consideration of mandated expectations as minimum requirements rather than final goals.

Clover Farms Milk Products:

  • Whole Milk – As with all of our milk product line, Clover Farms Whole Milk is Vitamin D enriched and has a 3.25% butter fat composition along with plenty of vitamins and minerals.
  • Reduced Fat 2% Jog Milk – This milk option has fewer calories and less fat but retains 2% butter fat for a still creamy, rich flavor profile.
  • Low Fat 1% Trim Milk – With 1% butter fat, this milk is burdened with far less total fat and calories. For milk-lovers who need to be cognizant of cholesterol intake, Low Fat 1% Trim Milk is healthier but still creamy and rich enough to satisfy the cravings of most milk enthusiasts.
  • Nonfat Milk (Skim/Slim) – The 0.05% butter fat composition of our skim milk means that this product has practically zero fat and cholesterol with minimal calories while still providing the nutrition for which milk is known.
  • Chocolate Milk – Clover Farms has developed the perfect chocolate milk recipe with the ideal balance of chocolate flavor and whole milk resulting in a creamy, rich flavor and smooth texture.

Introducing Clover Farms

Established in 1937, Clover Farms began as a small dairy farm set in the hills of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Over time, we became the largest privately-owned dairy company in Pennsylvania. We strive to perfect every bottle of drink we produce, and our range of production extends from milk to fruit juices and drinks, bottled water, and even an entire line of Icy Teas.

Private-Label Packaging Agreements

The Clover Farms brand means quality. We’re committed to perfection. A private label packaging agreement enables our customers to sell our products under their label. You can sell the best milk in town under your own brand without having to put in the time or money otherwise required to achieve such a feat.

As private label milk manufacturers, Clover Farms has established the means, practices, and employees needed to produce the highest possible quality products for our clients. This arrangement can provide your business with the goods you need to inspire customer excitement and return business. For more information, call Clover Farms at (610) 921-9111.