Pink lemonade is a delightful and interesting summertime refreshment. While plenty of brands distribute pink lemonade, Clover Farms is the best option for a fresh, locally produced bottle of delicious Icy Pink Lemonade. You can even make our quality pink lemonade product your own with a private packaging agreement.

What Makes Pink Lemonade Special

Pink Lemonade BrandsThere’s no denying the thirst-quenching, lip-smacking draw of lemonade’s tangy sweetness. Nothing beats a cold glass of lemonade on a sweltering summer day. Since pink lemonade tastes virtually the same as regular lemonade, why do some prefer the pink stuff? Experts in the area tend to chalk it up to psychology. The pretty color explains the preference.

This history of pink lemonade is largely unknown, but historians have settled on two potential theories, and both of them lead back to the early days of the circus. One option involves an accidental contamination by cinnamon candy, and the other option is a bit more revolting and involves making the beverage from the laundry water used to wash a red costume of one of the circus performers. Today’s pink lemonade is generally made with a coloring agent.

What Makes Clover Farms Special

As a milk, dairy, and beverage producer, we stand out in the crowd. The largest privately-owned dairy producer in Pennsylvania, we at Clover Farms have come far from our humble beginnings as a simple dairy farm.

To satisfy our customers’ needs for milk and dairy products, we partner with over 170 local dairy farmers. In addition, we’ve broadened our horizons to distribution of bottled spring water, fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, and a whole line of ready-to-drink Icy Teas. Our customer distribution area includes Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, NYC and Long Island, Maryland, and Delaware.

Clover Farms products are the highest quality. Our best practices go well beyond mandated standards to cover all details of the beverage production process. With the help of healthy cows, experienced hands, technically advanced equipment, and quality standards, we have everything in place to produce incredible beverages, milk, and dairy products – including Icy Pink Lemonade.

What Makes Private Label Packaging Special

A private label packaging service agreement means that your company will have the right to sell our products under your own label while we retain ownership of the recipe. Our team can help create your label, identify the recipe that’s best for your customers, and even provide exclusive rights to the specific product you choose.

With this option, Icy Pink Lemonade can become your store’s hidden gem. Once discovered, word of mouth and local excitement will draw in customers and effortlessly build your profit margin. These powerful advances for your company won’t eat away at your profits when you use our already established means of production.

To become the choice of pink lemonade brands in your area, choose Clover Farms. Whether you stock our Icy Pink Lemonade under our label or choose to sell under your own brand, let us help your store build its reputation and profits. If you’d like to place an order or discuss a private label service agreement, call (610) 921-9111.