Clover Farms Dairy Company is one of the top milk brands in Pennsylvania. Our 80-plus-year tradition of quality, freshness, and flavor is exemplified by each and every product we produce, package, or deliver.

About Clover Farms

Clover Farms was established in 1937 in Reading, PA, in the rich, rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country, with eight employees who delivered 300 quarts of milk to local customers every day.

Pennsylvania Milk BrandsToday, we have about 300 employees and process over 3 million pounds of milk every day that is sourced primarily from 170 independent dairy farm families in Berks, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties.

Clover Farms produces milk, fruit juices, iced tea, fruit drinks, other dairy products, and private label products for distribution to schools (3 million school half-pints weekly), grocery stores, and food services directly and via distributors in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

In addition to coffee creamers, half and half, light cream, heavy cream, egg nog, and other dairy products, our milk products include:

Vitamin D/Whole Milk – Clover Farms Vitamin D Milk has a very creamy and rich flavor thanks to its 3.25% butter fat as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D.

2% Jog Milk (Reduced Fat) – Clover Farms Jog Milk has reduced fat and calories, but, with a generous 2% butter fat, retains much of the rich, creamy flavor of whole milk.

1% Trim Milk (Low Fat) –Clover Farms 1% Trim Milk has 1% butter fat. It is low in fat and calories and has greatly reduced cholesterol, but maintains some of the rich flavor and creaminess of whole milk.

Skim/Slim Milk (Nonfat) – With 0.05% butter fat Clover Farms Skim/Slim Milk has virtually no fat and cholesterol and very few calories.

Chocolate Milk – Clover Farms Chocolate Milk is made from the finest and freshest chocolate ingredients and is carefully formulated and processed to produce a high quality, great-tasting chocolate milk with a smooth, creamy flavor.

About Pennsylvania Milk

We have more dairy farms in Pennsylvania (6,570) than every other state except Wisconsin (9,090), and 99 percent of them are family owned.

Pennsylvania ranks 7th nationally in total milk production. Nearly 500,000 cows in Pennsylvania produce more than 10.6 billion pounds of milk annually. That works out to about 2,454 gallons per cow!

How to Support Pennsylvania Dairy Farmers

Milk is still a “local food” so, when you buy it at the grocery store, you are supporting your local economy and the hundreds of dairy farms and families in Pennsylvania.

PA Preferred®

The primary way to know your milk is produced in Pennsylvania is to look for the PA Preferred® logo on the carton. Milk processors that distribute milk with this logo on their final products must source 100% of their dairy from Pennsylvania farmers. Clover Farms is proud to be a PA Preferred® member.

Plant Code 42

If you can’t find the PA Preferred® logo on the milk you buy, look for the plant code. Plant codes are typically printed near the top of the container, on the lid, or on the label. The first two numbers of the code (between 01 and 56) identify where the milk was processed. A plant code of “42” means the milk was processed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and sourced predominately from Pennsylvania dairy farms.

Clover Farms, a member of the American Dairy Products Association, is one of the leading Pennsylvania milk brands. Contact us at (610) 921-9111 to learn more about our dairy products and where you can find them.