A commonly found staple found within the average American shopping cart is milk. Considered a complete food with nine necessary-for-life nutrients, milk is an excellent dietary choice for a healthy lifestyle. Clover Farms, the leader among PA milk producers, pledges to provide affordable, nutritious, delicious, and safe milk throughout our region.

Pennsylvania Dairy

PA Milk ProducersDairy is a critical element of the economy and culture of Pennsylvania. Starting with the family farm and continuing to processing, transportation, logistics, and retail, dairy operations, like Clover Farms, benefit the nutrition and family budget of shoppers and workers alike. We at Clover Farms work with over 170 dairy farm families to produce and distribute three million pounds of milk each day.

Clover Farms is proud to serve the public, distributing cold milk throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and the NYC/Long Island region. Our milk line is available in Gallon, Half Gallon, Quart, and Pint sized bottles.

Healthy, Fresh Milk

Clover Farms milk is produced with high standards that even exceed those mandated by the FDA. We use no antibiotics or artificial growth hormones like rBST, and we store and ship cold to secure the ultimate freshness.

Drinking milk has proven to promote healthy muscles, bones, teeth, cardiovascular systems, weight, and even nervous systems, and our products make getting enough in the daily diet easy and affordable.

The Full Clover Farms Milk Line (each fortified with Vitamins A and D)

Whole Milk – composed of 3.25% butter fat for an incredibly rich flavor and creamy texture

Reduced Fat 2% Jog Milk – consisting of 2% butter fat for less fat and fewer calories in a rich and creamy milk

Low Fat 1% Trim Milk – composed of 1% butter fat, this milk has little fat and calories with less cholesterol as well

Nonfat Skim/Slim Milk – includes a 0.05% butter fat consistency with very little fat, cholesterol, or caloric count. This option is still fortified with Vitamins A and D and includes all the essential nutrients common to milk.

Chocolate Milk – our milk is made of whole milk combined with the highest quality cocoa, producing a decadent, smooth, and creamy treat.

Introduce Your Brand with Private Label Milk

Clover Farms offers a private label packaging service so that your brand can come to life with less expense or time! If you’re thinking of how you can establish a presence within your community, a private label line of products is the perfect solution. Our milk line, Icy Tea products, and fruit-flavored beverages can all be privately labelled. We can also design a formula for your exclusive use if you so desire.

Small businesses often find it impossible to compete with established brands. If you lack the financial capacity to start a brand from the ground up, or if you simply don’t want to wait for the time these efforts require, call our team at Clover Farms to pull together your private label plan.

Clover Farms has the mechanisms in place to design a formula, find the ingredients, make the products, and have them shipped safely. Why waste time and money on creating a labelled product when we can do it far more affordably and faster on your behalf?

PA milk producers, like Clover Farms, make the tradition of the family dairy farm continue to be possible while providing the area with safely produced fresh, tasty, and healthy milk. To stock our products as your own or under our trustworthy label, call today: (610) 921-9111.