Did you know that National Milk Day is celebrated on January 11th every year in the U.S.? According to the National Milk Producers Federation, it commemorates the day in the 1870s when people believe milk was first delivered to homes in sterilized glass bottles. Join Clover Farms to learn more about milk.

About Clover Farms & Pennsylvania Dairy Farms

National Milk DayClover Farms was established in 1937 in the rich, rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country. Our uncompromising quality can be found in every milk, tea, juice, or other product we produce, package or deliver. Our tradition of quality, freshness and flavor is embodied in each and every refreshment that bears our name.

Milk is still a “local food” so, when you buy and consume cow’s milk, you are supporting the hundreds of dairy farms and families in Pennsylvania.

There are 40,000+ licensed dairy farms in the U.S., and they are home to 9.4 million cows. Pennsylvania’s 525,000 cows produce more than 10.8 billion pounds of milk annually. That works out to about 2,454 gallons per cow!

We have more dairy farms in Pennsylvania (6,570) than every other state except Wisconsin (9,090), and 99 percent of them are family owned. When you purchase milk at the grocery store, you are supporting your local economy.

How to Celebrate National Milk Day

Learn the Health Benefits of Milk

If you love milk, it may be one of the healthiest addictions you could have. It’s a great source of protein, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin, and other beneficial nutrients and is the perfect blend of carbohydrates and protein.

The protein in low-fat cow’s milk contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs daily. Studies have shown that the protein may help reduce your risk of obesity, boost metabolism, help you maintain lean muscle mass, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduce your risk for developing heart disease. “Milk does the body good!

Visit Your Local Dairy

You may be lucky enough to find a dairy near you that observes National Milk Day by offering tours so visitors can learn about milk and the process of making it. Some even offer free samples!

Try a New Milk Product

Although it’s all derived from one basic source, the dairy food group is very diverse. National Milk Day is a great opportunity to try something you haven’t tried before. Give a unique flavor of yogurt a go, try some gelato (the Italian version of ice cream), or broaden your horizons and sample some crumbly feta cheese made from goat’s milk.

Try Milk Carton Bowling
  • Rinse and dry six milk cartons.
  • Put a light weight in or on the bottom of each carton for stability.
  • Arrange the cartons in a pattern like bowling pins: 3 in the front, 2 in the middle, and 1 in the back.
  • Use a piece of round fruit like an orange as a bowling ball.

Enjoy a nice, big glass of nutritious Clover Farms milk on National Milk Day. There’s a little celebration in every pour! Contact us at (610) 921-9111 to learn more about our dairy products and where you can find them.