Observing National Lemonade Day comes easy when you choose Clover Farms Icy Lemonade. This beverage holiday, celebrated on the first Sunday in May, may be the only one that teaches a lesson. While it’s an excellent opportunity to appreciate the loveliness of a well-crafted lemonade, the day also provides young people with reinforcement of the importance of entrepreneurship.

The History of Lemonade Day

National Lemonade Day

In 2007, in Dallas, TX, Michael Holthouse developed the idea of Lemonade Day. He collaborates with LemonadeDay.org and Google to encourage youth to use lemonade and the holiday to learn about the power of salesmanship and the importance of supporting the efforts of the small business owners in your area.

To participate in Lemonade Day, you should register on the website or visit a participating stand and hashtag your purchase pic appropriately. Clover Farms makes it easy by providing a tasty, fresh lemonade that’s ready for pouring.

Building on the History of Lemonade

Lemonade is historically known as a street vendor-friendly product. It began around 1630, when a recipe for lemonade was first published in a French cookbook. Soon, the trend of lemonade sales began with vendors distributing the product from tanks carried on their backs.

Johann Schweppe discovered a new way to carbonate beverages via mass production during the 1780s, and “fizzy” lemonade became extremely popular in Europe by 1830.

Lemonade was also pushed as an alternative to alcohol during the Temperance Movement, and it grew more popular throughout Prohibition. At this time, the increased availability of ice influenced the temperature at which lemonade was most commonly enjoyed, and it was sold at ball games, the traveling circus, and other events.

Today, lemonade comes in a variety of forms. Whether homemade, purchased as a powder, or bought pre-bottled, lemonade continues to be a popular beverage choice. Clover Farms has a perfected recipe. We use natural flavors, sweeten to perfection, and provide easy access to lemonade at the ready. Why use any other form for your Lemonade Day experience?

Introducing Clover Farms Icy Lemonade

Clover Farms has evolved from a small dairy farm in 1937 to the largest privately-owned dairy company in Pennsylvania today. Operating out of Reading, PA, we collaborate with over 170 dairy farms in the local area. In addition to producing a range of fluid milk and dairy products, we also offer fresh and tasty fruit juices, fruit drinks, prepared Icy Teas, and spring waters.

While we at Clover Farms produce our product line under our own label, we also supply private label branding services for select supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. You can really maximize your profit margin by gaining an exclusive product that will inspire repeat business and loyal customers.

We have the formulas, the ingredients, the equipment, the staff, and the know-how. You develop the label, or provide input on how you want it developed, and we’ll supply our products under your label. Using this private label branding service can greatly benefit your store’s brand and competitiveness.

If you’re planning on participating in National Lemonade Day, choose Clover Farms Icy Lemonade as an easy way to save time and money, maximizing profits and really learning about the spirit of the day. For this or to bring our product line into your store under the Clover Farms banner or your own, call (610) 921-9111 to fully discuss the possibilities and make the right choice for your business’s plans.