Enjoy tradition in a bottle with meadow mint tea from Clover Farms! Steeped for centuries from the wild growing mint common to the hills of Dutch Pennsylvania, this drink is beloved by the locals and a must-try for travelers. Take the effort out of its enjoyment by stocking pre-prepared bottles with a perfected recipe.

Meadow Mint TeaEstablished in 1937, Clover Farms is an integral part of the history of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Today, we serve as the largest privately operated dairy in the state while also producing and delivering a wide range of dairy and non-dairy beverage products. Other than our delicious, rich milk products, nothing displays our heritage like the meadow mint tea within our Icy Tea line of beverages.

Choose Mint Meadow Tea

Our formulation for meadow mint tea consists of quality ingredients, sweeteners, and flavors, as are the rest of our products. Traditionally, the beverage would take hours of steeping to produce, so making it at home requires a bit of pre-planning. Clover Farms Mint Meadow Tea makes it possible to enjoy the refreshing flavor effortlessly.

Mint meadow tea is a great alternative to popular caffeinated beverages. It offers a unique, refreshing taste in a natural form without caffeine or additives.

Stocking delicious beverages within your store will drive customers to your place of business, especially if you choose private label packaging. Our Icy Tea line of beverages is made from high quality teas and charcoal filtered for a pure, thirsty-quenching taste. We offer several flavors including lemon, peach, raspberry, and lemonade. The varieties are also offered as regular and diet recipes. In addition to these black tea beverages, we also produce green tea and mint tea.

Choose Private Label Branding

Clover Farms offers private label packaging services that can benefit your business greatly. Whether you operate a restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store, having a private label brand can help grow your customer base and maximize your profits.

A private label packaging agreement arranges for your label to go on products that we produce. Our ownership of the formulation and processes doesn’t change, but you will have the right to sell them as your own. We offer in-house manufacturing, ingredient sourcing, packaging logistics, and shipping mechanisms needed to produce your own line of products. The process of starting a product line from scratch might seem overwhelming and even impossible, but we make it simple with our packaging process.

We intend to make private label branding possible for all businesses, even small ones with a limited capacity of production. Clover Farms can also extend exclusive rights of sale for your own tailored product, and we can help design your logo if you’d like the assistance of our experienced professionals.

Clover Farms produces a large array of products. We offer a full line of milk and dairy as well as Icy Teas, fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, and bottled spring water. Our milk line, Icy Teas, and fruit drinks are all available for private label packaging services.

If you’re a retailer looking to expand your customer base or build a brand identity, call Clover Farms at (610) 921-9111. Whether you choose private label packaging or decide to stock the Clover Farms brand, Meadow Mint Tea is the perfect choice to give your spot star power! It hearkens to the spirit of the area with a refreshing taste and healthy composition.