The popularity of iced tea is undeniable, spurring many to wonder if iced tea is good for you to enjoy. Whether you take the time to brew it up at home or grab a bottle of cold Clover Farms Icy Tea, you can soothe stress, increase your vitamin and mineral intake, and enjoy a myriad of other benefits to boot.

Is Iced Tea Good for You?Clover Farms iced tea is made with quality, all-natural black tea. Filtered with charcoal for the ultimate pure taste, our tea has the same composition as hot tea and the same benefits. Antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, and other ingredients are the same whether hot or cold. The health benefits of drinking tea are many, ranging from hydration to healthy teeth.


With water as a primary ingredient, tea is good for avoiding dehydration. Contrary to popular belief, caffeine doesn’t cause dehydration.

Replace Soda

Sugary beverages are the bane of many diets and the cause of much obesity. Eliminating sodas from the diet might be difficult without a tasty replacement. Clover Farms Icy Teas provide a healthier alternative for quenching thirst.


Tea reduces stress physically and psychologically. The act of enjoying tea is relaxing and stress reducing, and the ingredients trigger a reduction of cortisol production.

Resist Cancer

Research proves that several ingredients within tea have an influence on the development of cancer. Antioxidants abound within tea, resisting the growth of the free radicals that can trigger tumor growth.

Protect Your Heart

Research shows that regular tea drinkers have less risk for heart attacks as well as strokes.

Additional benefits to health include regulated blood sugars, healthy teeth, faster healing, resistance to bone loss, increased metabolism, and more. In short, drinking tea, at any temperature, is definitely good for health.

The Clover Farms Promise

At Clover Farms, we recognize the value of fresh, quality ingredients and safe, practiced production processes. Our efforts at perfection began in 1937 and continue to this day. Today, we stand as the largest independently owned dairy company in the state of Pennsylvania, and we produce an array of products including milk, dairy products, fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, bottled spring water, and several flavors of Icy Teas.

Distribution of our products is available to convenience stores, grocers, and restaurants from Eastern Pennsylvania to New Jersey, Delaware, New York City, Long Island, and Maryland.

Clover Farms Icy Teas Product Line

  • Original Lemon
  • Diet Lemon
  • Peach Flavor
  • Green Tea
  • Sweet Tea
  • Mint Meadow Tea

Clover Farms Private Label Agreements

Private label packaging agreements with us here at Clover Farms allow our customers to have our products packaged under their label rather than our own. Icy Tea, for example can become [Your Brand] Iced Tea on your shelf or at the tap, but we still own our formula.

We can even customize a recipe for your exclusive use when preferred.

Clout drives popularity, and with an exclusive private label iced tea, your spot can quickly become THE spot of the neighborhood.

Clover Farms has the means of production, ingredient sourcing, employee development, etc. With our products, your branded goods can be in stock and sold without the time and expense such an undertaking would otherwise require.

Drinking iced tea is without a doubt good for you. The health benefits aren’t the only reason the beverage is such a favorite, though. The taste itself is delightful and classically refreshing. Clover Farms makes it possible for stores, restaurants, and grocers to provide the best quality, fresh iced tea as our brand or their own. Explore all the possibilities by calling us at (610) 921-9111.