Iced tea is an incredibly popular summertime treat. The health benefits of drinking iced tea are enough of a reason to inspire customers to grab a bottle of Clover Farms Icy Teas, but the flavor will keep them reaching for it again and again. Our tea is comprised of the finest all-natural black tea and filtered with charcoal for an incredibly pure taste.

Health Benefits of Iced TeaIced tea offers the same health benefits as hot tea. The quantities of antioxidants and phyto-chemicals remain unchanged even when iced.

Alternative to Soda

This fact means that during summer months, before you grab a soda, you have an alternative cool beverage. Refreshing and ready-to-drink, Clover Farms Icy Teas are a healthy option.

Stabilized Blood Sugar

Another benefit of iced tea is its ability to stabilize blood sugar. Diabetics stand to benefit greatly from drinking tea regularly, but a consideration of added sweetener is still important.

Drinking Tea Increases Metabolism

Drinking iced tea can raise your metabolism even more than enjoying hot tea. In order to metabolize the beverage, your body has to raise its temperature.

Clover Farms – A Superior Brand

Clover Farms understands that quality and freshness go hand in hand. Founded in 1937, Clover Farms produces safe and fresh, delicious milk and other beverages for its customers. While we started as an eight-man dairy operation, we’ve since grown into the largest privately-owned dairy company in Pennsylvania.

Our products extend beyond dairy and milk. Clover Farms produces an entire line of Icy Teas, fruit-flavored drinks, liquid milk, heavy cream, bottled water, eggnog, buttermilk, cottage cheese, sour cream, and even fruit juices. We distribute within Eastern PA, New Jersey, Delaware, NYC and Long Island, and Maryland to various schools, restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, and other facilities.

Ready-to-Drink Icy Teas

Icy Tea beverages are delicious, cool, and refreshing. We have an entire line of these beverages including:

  • Original Lemon – sweetened with real sugar and contains 80 calories per serving
  • Diet Lemon – sugar-free and contains 5 calories, 2 carbs, and little sodium per serving
  • Peach Flavor – great peach flavor
  • Green Tea – incredibly healthy and uniquely delicious
  • Sweet Tea – classic, perfectly sweetened
  • Meadow Tea – brewed from mint in the tradition of Pennsylvania Dutch Meadow Tea

Private Label Options

A private label agreement involves the production of Company A’s products in the packaging of another Company B’s brand. While we will package our Clover Farms Icy Tea, for instance, with your label on the bottle, we will retain ownership of the formulation.

Often, Clover Farms can create an exclusive formula when customers require it. We will keep ownership, but we’ll package the products with your brand’s label. This will allow you to sell an “exclusive” product within your store as a promotion or customer seeking endeavor.

With private labeling, customers can build their businesses, earning customer loyalty and establishing a brand. Allow the experienced professionals here at Clover Farms to source the ingredients, establish the means of production, train the employees, and produce the right products.

Without this service, breaking into the branded marketplace would be impossible for most small businesses.

The health benefits of iced tea are many, but the delicious taste far outweighs their importance. The right iced tea brand for your store or business should come from Clover Farms. As a branded or private label option, we stand out as delicious and high-quality. For more information or to place an order, call today: (610) 921-9111.