Most people know that milk is good for them, but they may be unaware of the extent of the health benefits of drinking milk. Clover Farms provides affordable milk products with quality nutrition and delicious, creamy taste. We provide goods under our own brand or your private label in a full range of milk and dairy products.

Health Benefits of Drinking MilkHere at Clover Farms, we have more than 80 years under our belt in milk production and distribution. Our line of goods includes milk, Icy Teas, fruit juices, fruit drinks, bottled water, and additional dairy products. Our customer base extends from Eastern Pennsylvania to Maryland, Delaware, NYC and Long Island, and New Jersey. We’ve grown substantially from the eight-man operation we started with in 1937. Our dairy farm partners are over 170 strong, and we’re now the largest privately-owned dairy in Pennsylvania.

We ship our milk cold to keep it fresh and safe. Our standards go well beyond those that are federally mandated. We produce delicious milk without using antibiotics or artificial growth hormones, and we add Vitamin D to every bottle. Not only do we provide milk that will make you healthy, the taste of our milk is creamy, smooth, and rich enough to make health benefits an after-thought.

Consider These Top Benefits of Drinking Milk

  1. Improved heart health
  2. Stronger bones
  3. Prevention of cancer
  4. Prevention of depression
  5. Promotes muscle growth
  6. Prevention of osteoporosis

Milk provides many nutrients that are vital to health. They include the following:

  • Calcium – necessary for bone and tooth strength, blood clotting, and blood pressure. We add Vitamin D to our milk products to improve the efficiency of calcium absorption
  • Choline – aids with sleep, mobility, cognition, and memory
  • Potassium – critical to hearth health by lessening the likelihood of stroke, hypertension, and heart disease

Clover Farms milk is available in an entire line of products. We offer a range of milks to meet the taste and preferences of everyone.

  • Vitamin D/Whole Milk – 3.25% butter fat
  • 2% Jog Milk (Reduced Fat) – 2% butter fat
  • 1% Trim Milk (Low Fat) – 1% butter fat
  • Slim/Skim Milk (Nonfat) – 0.05% butter fat
  • Chocolate Milk

Private Label Milk

Private label packaging allows your company to sell Clover Farms’ quality milk products as your own. We retain the rights to the product’s formulation but agree to package the product with your brand’s label.

This process can benefit your business in multiple ways. With a private label brand, you can build awareness of your business, create customer excitement and loyalty, and bring a brand to market faster. Being able to provide an exclusive product to your customers without the expenses involved with establishing your brand is critical. Every corner store needs to be the place that locals go for milk, and what better way to establish your neighborhood presence than have your store’s label on the gallons of milk your customers purchase.

Clover Farms production and distribution methods are time-tested and proven. We’re committed to providing milk that provides all the health benefits gained from drinking it. Call (610) 921-9111 to begin the process of private label packaging or place an order for your school, convenience store, grocer, or other business. You’ll be happy to provide quality in every bottle of beverage you sell to your customers, and they’ll remember it and come back for more.