The trucking industry keeps America stocked with essentials and extras. Professional drivers are a key component of the workforce, but these individuals often suffer from the stress and isolation associated with long-haul trucking routes. Truckers in West Chester, PA, who’d like to see their families daily and sleep in their own beds at night should consider the CDL trucking jobs at Clover Farms.

CDL Trucking Jobs West Chester, PAAs the supreme private dairy in the state of Pennsylvania, Clover Farms works with 170+ local dairy farms to produce and distribute 3 million pounds of milk daily – not to mention the myriad of other products we produce and deliver. To get our work done, we need drivers to pickup milk and transfer it cold to the processing center. We also require professional drivers to deliver packaged products to our customers daily. We service Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, NYC, and Long Island.

The standards we mandate for our production and processing of milk go well beyond federal mandates. Our milk pickups employ stainless steel refrigerated tanker trucks, so our drivers need the appropriate certifications. Quick turnaround and delivery ensure customers receive the freshest of milk, and it also promises drivers daily home time. Clover Farms is proud to offer driver positions where the day might begin early, but it will always end at home.

What We Require of Our Drivers

Clover Farms has job opportunities for Class A and Class B CDL drivers. Those with Class A licenses will need to acquire a tanker endorsement to facilitate bulk milk transports.

Our drivers have daily deliveries of milk, dairy, Icy Teas, juices, fruit-flavored drinks, bottled water, and private label products to perform. When performing these deliveries, our drivers should be able to load and unload the merchandise, use a handheld inventory and invoice management device, and stick to a fairly tight and regular schedule – all while treating customers with consideration and respect.

Other professional requirements are much the same as positions throughout the trucking industry. We expect our drivers to fill out logs and reports, heed all DOT regs and OSHA requirements, and drive safely in all conditions.

As with our products, our expectations exceed the norm. We have our own set safety standards and require a Clover Farms administered road test prior to hiring. Safety standards are never in question or lowered; customer service standards are the same. As the public face of Clover Farms, our drivers must look and act the professional at all times.

Come Off the Long-Haul Road

Being away from home is a given for most truck drivers that they accept when they choose the occupation. As life changes, families grow, and circumstances demand more time at home, a job where daily routes are the norm becomes a huge selling point. We make sure that our drivers are snug in their own beds every night.

Less Stress

Over the road trucking is stressful. Navigating unfamiliar territory while trying to reach destinations driving a large vehicle can be overwhelming for many drivers. Clover Farms has local, dedicated runs assigned and scheduled to particular drivers.

If you’re a professional driver looking for local CDL trucking jobs near West Chester, PA, look no further than Clover Farms. We offer stability, competitive pay, and full benefits. To apply, you can fill out an application online or email us your resume at