Green tea will cure what ails you – preventing illness and sharpening mental clarity. The problem with green tea often lies with finding the best tasting option. Clover Farms Icy Green Tea considers every component in the production process to ensure that the result is tasty as well as healthy.

Brewed with a Quality Tea

To make green tea worth drinking, we at Clover Farms start with quality tea and the freshest ingredients!

Timed for Perfection

Best Tasting Green TeaThe brewing and steeping processes for green tree are tricky. Too long and the result is bitter, icky, and undrinkable. Clover Farms times it perfectly to produce flavorful and satisfying green tea.

Sweetened Just So

Adding a bit of sweetener to green tea overcomes the bitterness common to the beverage. Our formulation is time-tested and proven to change this beverage from therapeutic to treat-worthy with the perfect amount of honey and real sugar as sweetener.

Added Ginseng for Flavor and Effect

The introduction of ginseng to green tea contributes to the flavor profile and the health effects of the beverage, and Clover Farms has added this element to our green tea recipe.

Clover Farms Icy Green Tea

Icy Green Tea from Clover Farms provides a refreshing substitute for soda and other sugary drinks. Our formulation of all-natural green tea is sodium free and 70 calories per 8 ounces. With the perfect amount of caffeine for stimulation without jitters and charcoal filtered water for pure taste, our green tea will hit the spot at any time of day!

About Clover Farms

The largest private dairy in Pennsylvania, Clover Farms has been producing milk and dairy products for the area since 1937. At this point in time, we partner with more than 170 family dairy farms to satisfy the needs of our customers. In addition to milk and dairy, we produce and distribute Icy Teas, 100% fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, Icy Pure bottled spring water, and more throughout Eastern PA, New Jersey, Maryland, NYC and Long Island, and Delaware.

About the Green Tea Choice

Those unfamiliar with green tea might be hesitant to try it. Fortunately, when consumers understand the benefits of the drink and find a brand they like, it generally becomes a go-to choice for refreshment. Your business will benefit from stocking Icy Green Tea whether you keep the Clover Farms label or choose private label packaging services.

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea:

  • Anti-inflammatory due to polyphenols (30% composition)
  • Prevents disease development (heart disease, cancer, age-related conditions)
  • Improved focus without jittery side-effects
  • Improved mood
  • Sped up metabolism

A Private Label Green Tea

Clover Farms’ private label packaging service will allow your business to grow through the inclusion of a tasty and healthy option within your brand’s product line.

By choosing our private label packaging process, a brand can get its feet off the ground in a manner that wouldn’t be possible for most small businesses. We handle the formulation, production, packaging, and distribution having already procured the means necessary, and your business benefits from our best practices to develop your branded products.

Take advantage of the popularity of green tea by becoming the source for the best tasting one around! Clover Farms can create your own private label version or deliver the products under our brand. Call (610) 921-9111 for more information and to determine the next steps needed to grow your business.