clover farms fruit drinks

Naturally flavored to make your taste buds happy, Clover Farms Icy Lemonade is a refreshing thirst quencher formulated from the highest-quality lemon ingredients and sugars.

Ingredients: Water, High Fructose Corn Sweetener, Sugar, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Lemon Pulp, Natural Lemon Flavor

Calories per 8-ounce serving: 130

Available in: Gallon, Half Gallon, Pint, 10-ounce

Fun Facts: Until the 1600s, lemons were considered a rare and expensive fruit. In about 1650, however, a recipe for simple lemonade (lemon juice, water, sugar) appeared in a French cookbook and a lemonade craze erupted in Paris, where vendors sold it from tanks strapped to their backs.

By the early 1800s, a method for mass-producing carbonated water had been invented, and “fizzy” lemonade became the rage throughout Europe. In America, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union pushed lemonade as an alternative to alcohol during Prohibition, inspiring Sunkist to use the slogan, “Good-bye to liquor, here’s to lemonade!”

About Us: Clover Farms was established in 1937 in the rich, rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country. Since that time, we have maintained a tradition of quality, freshness and flavor in each refreshment that bears our name.

When life gives you lemons, why not enjoy them in a glass of Clover Farms Icy Lemonade? It’s the perfect beverage choice for every occasion!