Trucker drivers are an essential part of daily life for virtually every industry, including, retail, manufacturing, automotive… and milk and dairy products! If you are looking for Class A local truck driving jobs in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area, Clover Farms can help.

Class A Local Truck Driving Jobs in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Clover Farms is the largest privately owned dairy company in PA. We were established in 1937 in Reading, PA, in the rich, rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country, with eight employees who delivered 300 quarts of milk to local customers every day.

Today, we have about 300 employees and process over 3 million pounds of milk every day that is delivered throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

Tank pickup at Clover Farms is standard procedure. Our local family-owned dairy farm partners deposit fresh milk immediately into refrigerated stainless-steel tanks.

That milk is then transferred into similar refrigerated tanks on Clover Farms milk transport trucks and delivered into refrigerated holding tanks at the dairy, where it is processed immediately. Quick handling ensures that we can provide the freshest of dairy products to customers.

What Are the Job Requirements?

The Clover Farms Class A CDL driver will be required to operate a heavy (over 26,001 lbs) insulated tank-type straight truck to support scheduled pick up, transportation, and delivery of bulk milk between farms, dairy, and other designated commercial locations. Responsibilities include:

  • Deliver a wide variety of dairy products, Icy Teas, and other beverages to local locations
  • Unload/ load cold products to the customer
  • Specific routes and time schedule
  • Complete logs and reports
  • Follow DOT regulations and OSHA and Clover Farms safety standards
  • Maintain trucks and equipment in a safe manner at all times
  • Ability to use handheld electronic devices
  • Provide outstanding customer service during delivery and pickup operations
  • Represent Clover Farms positively and professionally in our communities
  • Have experience driving combination vehicles in all weather conditions
  • Ability to communicate effectively

Benefits of Local CDL Trucking Jobs

Local trucking offers several perks for the CDL driver.

More Home Time.  Long-haul truckers can be away from home for several weeks or more at a time.Shorter trips are the biggest draw for local driving jobs. Clover Farms drivers are home in Wilkes-Barre every night. We take pride in getting our drivers home to the ones they love and do not offer over-the-road or long-haul driving positions.

Familiar Territory. The local trucker drives on roads and highways that are closer to home. Because you run in a smaller area, you have an opportunity to become more familiar with the roads. This is typically less stressful and intimidating than having to always travel in a new area.

Stability.  A local or regional driving job can provide you with a stable source of income and a long-term career that includes the opportunity for higher pay, as well as overtime and bonuses. Also, local trucking jobs don’t require as many lifestyle adjustments as do long-haul driving jobs.

Our dedicated drivers provide the skills and service necessary for Clover Farms’ continued growth. If you are searching for well-paying local Class A CDL truck driving jobs in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area, look no further than Clover Farms. Please complete our online application form or contact us by email at