Clover Farms stands ready to assist with creating, producing, and marketing a private label pink lemonade for your brand. Stick with our tried and true formula or have us customize a recipe for your exclusive use. Our history and commitment to satisfaction, safety, and freshness stands out among companies in the industry.

Building Your Brand

Private Label Pink Lemonade CompaniesGrowing a brand isn’t a simple or inexpensive venture. A private label agreement allows brands to grow without the time and expense required for development, equipment purchasing, ingredient sourcing, personal training, and other costs that occur when brands start from the ground up. Clover Farms provides turnkey service that allows you to build a private brand effortlessly.

Adding Pink Lemonade to Your Brand

A beverage brand should include a range of classic and specialty flavors. Pink lemonade can check both boxes – being a classic summertime treat. You can make it a popular choice no matter the time of year by stocking a great tasting formulation under your own private label. Grab your customers’ attention and taste buds with a Clover Farms created product line with pretty pink lemonade as the star product.

A complete lemonade product line is available through Clover Farms – pink lemonade, classic lemonade, lemonade tea and more. Tailoring beverages to your preferences, we retain ownership of the formulation, but you sell them as your own under your own brand. We’re fully committed to seeing you successfully initiate and build your own product line.

Bringing Products to Market Under Your Private Label

Your product line will grow based upon a few factors. Perfecting the taste of each beverage and the logo/label of your brand are both key steps to a successful brand. Clover Farms has every element necessary to develop a tasty and unique product while creating a logo that will capture customer attention and inspire purchases.

The Background and Effectiveness of Clover Farms

Clover Farms has a long history that is demonstrative of our commitment to taste, freshness, and safety. We are the premiere independently operated dairy in Pennsylvania, and we produce an extensive range of other dairy products and refreshments. Beverages we produce include fruit juices, fruit-flavored drinks, bottled spring water, and Icy Teas.

Our regular distribution routes take us throughout Eastern Pennsylvania to New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, Maryland, and Delaware. Shipped cold and fresh, all of our products are tip top, especially our pink lemonade.

In addition to offering these products under our well-respected name, we also offer private label packaging service agreements. With one in place, you will be able to sell our products with your label gracing the packaging. Even though the formulations remain ours, the agreement makes it possible to provide a proven or customized beverage to grow your brand and build a customer base.

A line of lemonades gracing your store’s shelves with your own store or private brand attached will become the calling card to customers throughout your neighborhood! Maximize your profits and expand your customers with a minimally costly brand development plan when you allow Clover Farms to assist with its introduction to the world.

If you’re considering developing a private label pink lemonade, you’ll need to choose the best among the beverage companies in the industry, and Clover Farms is it. Take advantage of our processes and expertise by calling (610) 921-9111 to begin the process today!