Making your mark on the holiday season with a private label eggnog is a sure way to make your brand stand out among all the companies in the region. Clover Farms is the supreme source for smooth tasting, quality eggnog under our brand our your own.

Private Label Egg Nog CompaniesEggnog is the go-to holiday beverage! Throughout the holiday season, a hearty, rich glass of eggnog will mark each occasion well whether it’s enjoyed as a non-alcoholic treat or spiked with a bit of holiday “spirit.” Wish your community a happy holiday season as they come to your establishment and enjoy the season in a glass.

Eggnog and the Holidays

For many, eggnog is reserved for the holiday season. In fact, it’s often sold only during that time. The rich, unique treat can trace its roots back to pre-Colonial days and the aristocracy of Britain. The spicy decadence was a way to mark the special time, and it continues to be so to this day.

Making eggnog requires milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs, and spices. While you can make it at home, the holiday season is a buy one, so the market for an easy and tasty option exists. We sell a non-alcoholic version of the beverage, but holiday celebrants often choose to add a touch of rum or brandy prior to serving. Additional uses include incorporating into baked desserts and hot holiday beverages. When you include this beverage on your shelves or menu, your nod to the holiday season will reap benefits through additional customers and repeat purchases.

Choose Quality – Clover Farms Eggnog

The Grade A, alcohol-free Egg Nog we produce here at Clover Farms is fresh, rich, and smooth. We use the best ingredients, including local milk from happy and healthy cows. Time-tested and proven, our recipe has stood on its own, unchanged for 40+ years. Enjoy the taste of the holidays in every drink with our delicious eggnog.

Since 1937, Clover Farms has produced incredible milk and dairy products. Being the largest privately-owned diary in Pennsylvania, we partner with local dairy farms to meet our customers’ needs. Best practices in our processing measures allow us to provide the best milk, dairy, and beverage products possible, including eggnog.

Creating a Private Label Eggnog Line

The holiday season is made of traditions. Making your brand’s eggnog a tradition for families in the area comes easy with private label packaging services. We retain ownership of the established formula while producing, bottling, and labelling the product as your own. With little effort and expense, you can have the star of the holiday beverage products on your shelves as your own branded product or under our well-known label.

The benefits of private label packaging might not be obvious on initial consideration but will become so fairly quickly. With this agreement, companies can develop a branded product line without excess expense or time.

Producing premium products is what we do. Our eggnog is superior, as are the rest of our products from milk and dairy to 100% fruit juice, bottled spring water, fruit-flavored drinks, Icy Teas, and more.

Private label Egg Nog, and the companies that produce it, should start with quality dairy, as we do here at Clover Farms. Making a spirited, rich impression upon the senses comes with our eggnog. If you’d like to take advantage of the holiday season tradition, give us a call at (610) 921-9111.