If you don’t have the equipment, workforce or expertise to develop, manufacture, package and distribute your own milk products, consider private labelers (often mistakenly called “co-packers”), such as Clover Farms.

For over 80 years, Clover Farms has manufactured deliciously wholesome milk, as well as iced tea, juice, and other fluid products that feature a fresh taste. We work closely with more than 170 farm families to ensure that we can supply you with the healthiest, premium-quality dairy products.

Milk Co-PackersCold-shipped for maximum freshness, we strive to achieve quality standards that exceed federal guidelines for freshness and purity. Our milk contains no antibiotics or artificial growth hormones (rBST).

Milk is the number one source of nine essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin and niacin, and many significant health benefits. A recent study by researchers at Scotland’s St. Andrews University has also suggested that milk may be better than water for bodies in need of hydration.

Choose from:

Vitamin D/Whole Milk – Clover Farms Vitamin D Milk has a very creamy and rich flavor thanks to its 3.25% butter fat as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D.

2% Jog Milk (Reduced Fat) – Clover Farms Jog Milk has reduced fat and calories, but, with a generous 2% butter fat, retains much of the rich, creamy flavor of whole milk.

1% Trim Milk (Low Fat) – As the name suggests, Clover Farms 1% Trim Milk has 1% butter fat. It is low in fat and calories and has greatly reduced cholesterol, but still retains some of the rich flavor and creaminess of whole milk.

Skim/Slim Milk (Nonfat) – With 0.05% butter fat Clover Farms Skim/Slim Milk has virtually no fat and cholesterol and very few calories, but includes all the same important vitamins and minerals found in other milks. It is fortified with vitamin A and vitamin D.

Chocolate Milk – Clover Farms Chocolate Milk is made from the finest and freshest chocolate ingredients and is carefully formulated and processed to produce an unparalleled high quality, great-tasting chocolate milk with a smooth, creamy flavor.

Private Label Services

Consumers today are looking for products that are affordable, have nutritional and physical benefits, are in innovative packaging and, most importantly, taste good.

Are you offering the same common dairy products as everyone else? If you want to enter the milk market or add to your current product line, why not take advantage of Clover Farms’ private label packaging services?

For many of our supermarket, retail chain and cnvenience store clients, private label Clover Farms milk products are among their best-selling products.

With our in-house manufacturing and packaging expertise, we can recommend varieties, support design and packaging options, and manage your distribution requirements.

Before contracting with milk co-packers, consider Clover Farms’ large selection of products that can be private labeled for you. We have the expertise to make your brand a success. Contact us at (610) 921-9111 learn more.